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The A Bao A Qu is a mystical creature with many tentacles and soft smooth skin. The Cryptid uses its tentacles to grab unsuspecting swimmers and has been known to drag whole yachts under water. The A bao a qu was once mentioned in The book of imaginary beings. It was hidden in the Victory Tower. It lay at the bottom of the steps; asleep. At first it is invisible, but slowly it starts to gain color and a blue gleam. Next it starts to grow tentacles until it is fully revealed as a gelatinous blob with tentacles that waits for you. There is actually a moral to the story. Don't let anything in life drag you down. This is actually a fair-natured cryptid. The story says that it waits for the bravest of men to reach the top of the tower, and only the purest can reach the top step of the staircase. As the brave soul goes up the steps, the creature follows behind. If the man is rejected, he and the beast fall back down the steps. When the creature hits the bottom, it changes back into its original form, and it lets off a small cry that resembles rustling silk. Only once has the creature ever been able to reach the top.

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