23 (31)
Vital statistics
Species Agogwe
Habitat East Africa
First appearance Cryptid vs. Cryptid

The Agogwe is a small primate cryptid from forests of East Africa. It made its first and only appearance in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.

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23 (89)
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The Agogwe is said to be noticed with a deep, red coat of fur with black patches. It has long limbs used for climbing. It was also said to have small canine teeth, and be only 2-3 feet tall.



  • During their attempt to stop Van Rook, the Agogwe was one of the cryptid's in the arena. It was possibly given to Van Rook from V.V. Argost or another criminal that remains unknown.
  • It was seen fighting the Tapire-lauara.
  • During the end it was seen rescued by Zak's Family and went to live in the wild with other cryptids.

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