Algerian Sea Centipede
Vital statistics
Species Algerian Sea Centipede
Habitat Indian Ocean (Africa)
Pacific Ocean (Vietnam)
Type Giant Centipede
Abilities Underwater breathing
Affiliations Argost's Army
First appearance Into The Mouth of Darkness

The Algerian Sea Centipede is an aquatic, centipede-like crab. Its first appearance was in Into The Mouth of Darkness. It was first mentioned in Van Rook's Apprentice.


It's about the size of a whale, is an amphibious, and can crush entire ships. It was mentioned in "Van Rook's Apprentice" by Doc. It is primarily an invertebrate but is also somehow Chilopoda in origin since it is part centipede. It appeared briefly at the beginning of Into The Mouth of Darkness. It was under Argost's control in War of the Cryptids.



Primarily Aquatic


A picture of the Algerian Sea Centipede.

Related species

Centiscarabs (protectors)


Primarily fish


Indian Ocean from Africa to Pacific Ocean Vietnam.


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