Antarctic Cryptid (formerly Kur)
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Vital statistics
Species Antarctic Cryptid
First appearance Kur Rising

The Antarctic Cryptid is the cryptid the Saturdays find in Antarctica while looking for Kur. It made its first and only appearance in Kur Rising.


When the Saturdays see this horrible looking creature has been trapped in suspended animation under the ice, everyone thought it was Kur. At first it's smaller then expected, having the appearance of a giant worm, but soon everyone realizes that they've greatly underestimated its size. In reality it is an utterly gigantic behemoth with six snake-like heads and a total of twelve mouths (one on his face, one on each forearm, one for each of the snake-like heads, and three on his chest). Two forms of cryptids live inside it body, Shedu and Sirrush, which the creature can use to defend itself. one of these cryptids can attach to his back and enable flight. After a lengthy battle the creature is defeated. However, the creature is not Kur (it is unknown what species it really is), but was beaten by Zak Saturday, who became the new Kur. But thanks to it, Zak was revealed to be Kur and could tap in his full power in the cryptid's stomach.

It has been stated that this cryptid doesn't exist and was specially created for the final episode of the season. The creator said they wanted a big cryptid that would give an epic battle. Jay wanted a creature that could be very easily mistaken for Kur (so he probably just made it up). As such it doesn't have a real stated name but it has started to be called Big red. Curiously, Fiskerton mistook this creature for Kur, leading to the speculation that this creature may have some sort of connection to Kur, or may simply be an old enemy of the Lemurians.



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