Argosts warship

Argost's Warship

V.V. Argost's Warship appears to be his primary mode of transportation, though in Van Rook's Apprentice he lets Van Rook use it. It is fully loaded with weapons and missiles, and seems to be about the same size as the Satuday's airship. Munya pilots, in his human or cryptid form. Inside the Warship, there's a dining table that is seen with Argost eating a chicken in The Atlas Pin, and it can be assumed it is fully equipped with every comfort as a home away from home.

There is also a television that Argost uses to see feed off his neural parasites in most of the episodes that he uses his neural parasites, as well as the equipment he uses to control and communicate with the being he is controlling.

In the Show

The first time the warship was seen was in The Kur Stone part 2, when he uses it to persue the Saturday's to their piece of the Kur Stone.

In Van Rook's Apprentice he lets Van Rook use it, though it is nearly destroyed.

In The Atlas Pin, Argost uses the Warship in order to fly around the world with the Naga relic looking for Kur. When the Saturdays' Airship finds it, Munya shoots missile at them, and the airship barely dodges them. Doc has to use his new jet called the Griffin to attack back. After losing the fight, Argost decides to go home after losing the Naga relic to Fiskerton.

He has also used to take Zak to a hidden island where he reveals he is a cryptid in And Your Enemies Closer


  • Argost is never seen flying his ship. When Argost is aboard Muyna flies it for him. Van Rook has also flown the ship.
  • This is one of the two known vehicles Argost has ridden.

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