Basil Lancaster
Young basil
General Information
Species Human
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance Ghost in the Machine

Basil Lancaster was a friend and mentor of Doc Saturday as a child. His first and only appearance was in Ghost in the Machine. He is was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


He, along with Dr. Lee and three other unnamed scientists, worked on a machine that could create cryptids in the Honey Island swamp facility However, the project went out of control as the cryptids were mutated humans. He knew his conscience was wrong and it took too long to listen. Dr. Basil Lancaster betrayed Dr. Lee by destroying enough of their research to cripple the project, saved the cryptids, and fled to the bayou. As the 13 cryptids went into hiding, he left Honey Island and will know that the cryptids will destroy the project and the machine that created the creatures. However, as years passed, Lancaster passed away. He did leave Doc a message to reveal what Honey Island was really about.



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