Battle Gloves

The Battle Glove is Doc Saturday's weapon of choice for close combat. He can channel energy into his fist to give his punches more power. It is possible that the energy comes out from the green jem on the hand itself.


The glove has also exhibited other abilities that may be associated with each of the gems on the knuckle ridge.

  • The first knucle ridge is used for heating or fire by heating up the molecules around the glove.
  • the second has been used to freezing or ice by lowering the temperature arond the glove to the point that it freezes.
  • the third is sonic vibrations or air to give extra powert to his punch and throwing back the opponent.
  • the fourth is used for electricity or shocking to jump start the air ship by collecting to electrons in the air to zap.

Doc Monday has a black version of it.


  • It's theorized the similarities in apearance may indicate it as a reference to Marvel Comic's Infinity Gauntlet.