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Bigfoot is a North American cryptid related to several other homonid cryptids. It can be seen in the title sequence of the show, being watched by the saturdays while doing its signature walk, seen in the Patterson film. This gentle giant has been known by humans since the begining of native american traditions. It has been known to mistake small humans as offspring, and take them into custody. The bigfoot is said to be one of the gentlest, most mysterious cryptids recognized by the cryptozoologists and evolutionists. These post-primates use the forested sections of North America for shelter and protection. Many estimate it can range from 8-11 ft. tall, and have 1 1/2 inch thick fur. It has a slanted posture, and it usually swings its arms gently when it is walking. This species also tends to stay near water sources. big foot is seen in the secret saturday logo.


Unknown, but real-world reports point to blueberries and fish. This is an omnivorous creature that gets most of its resources by river banks. It most likely eats local trout, catfish, small deer, berries, possibly nuts or grains, and many other small creatures. Many reports say that it attacks domesticated farm animals and pets.



  • While Bigfoot is considered the most famous cryptid on earth, the creature was never mentioned once in the entire series, and has only appeared in the opening segments.

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