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Vital statistics
Species Booger
First appearance Ghost in the Machine
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10000000000 (36)

The Booger (Boogeranstralopceus mucusitus), or Bardin Booger, is a bigfoot-like creature reported in Putnam County, Florida. It made its first and only appearance in Ghost in the Machine.


It appears to have green fur, a pig-like snout, and dense, thick fur. The creature's fur was said to be disgustingly foul-smelling, that it gags most people who see it. This creature is closely related to the skunk ape of Florida. It was one of the 13 humanoid cryptids seen in Ghost in the Machine.



  • Booger is seen in the opening credits, walking with other cryptids on top of a globe in V.V. Argost's hands. (see top right)

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