Bud Harger
General Information
Species Human
Occupation(s) Logger
Voice Actor Corey Burton
First Appearance Food of the Giants

Bud Harger is a logger that The Saturdays help out with a cryptid problem. His first and only appearance was in Food of the Giants. He was voiced by Corey Burton.


Bud Harger owns and operates Harger Logging, a public company. One of Bud's logging camps was attacked by an Allegewi in the episode Food of the Giants. After one of his loggers, Wyatt, is kidnapped by the Allegewi, he calls the Saturday family. He calls the Saturday family and not Missing Persons because of an anonymous tip.

He comes along with the Saturdays to track down his men because his company is a public company and wants to make sure "This stays quiet". Turns out that the land Bud owns is land that the government shut down decades earlier, due to loggers continuously disappearing, and that Van Rook had sold him the illegal land.



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