10000 (6)
Vital statistics
Species Bunyip
Habitat Australia
Affiliations Zak's Army
First appearance Into The Mouth of Darkness

Bunyip is a reddish cryptid with pair of colorful horns reported to live in Australia. They're first appearance was in Into The Mouth of Darkness.


The Bunyips are capable of sensing electromagnetic fields because of that they are attracted to many electronic devices. The same ability appears to allow them to sense Zak's power. They are harmless, but seem to be afraid of Zak as if they can sense that he was Kur. Zak uses a large amount of these cryptids as spies and soldiers in War of the Cryptids. At the end of the series, the Bunyips chase away the Vltava River Sprites, take down the Allegewi, and cheering for Tsul 'Kalu after he defeated Munya.


The Real Cryptid

While the Bunyips in the show are portrayed as small, cute Gremlin like monsters, the real Bunyips are the exact opposite. Bunyips are gigantic, hairy, aquatic animals with two large, sharp fangs, that would devour humans who swam too close to them.


  • Dee Bradley Baker, who did the vocal effects for the Bunyips, also voiced the Xing Xing, Honey Island Swamp Monster, and the Georgia Pigman voice


10000 (6)

A Bunyip spitting at Doc (and the camera).

10000 (9)

A Bunyip in the Cryptid-Pedia.

10000 (15)

The Bunyips are scared of Zak, when they sensed that he was Kur.

10000 (17)

The Bunyips run to hide from Zak/Kur.

10000 (18)

A Bunyip offering Argost a screw bolt before swallowing it.

10000 (19)

A Bunyip driving a tractor.

10000 (21)

A Bunyip sniffing Doc's feet.

10000 (22)

The Bunyips hiding from Kur/Zak.

10000 (23)

Other Bunyips hiding from Zak/Kur.

10000 (25)

When Zak approached, the Bunyips shriek.

10000 (10)

A Bunyip wants to say "Hello."

10000 (11)

The Bunyip approaching.

10000 (12)

The Bunyips are having fun with Zak.

10000 (13)

Zak isn't having much fun with them.

10000 (14)

A Bunyip leaves Zak on the ground.

10000 (7)

The Bunyips scattering.

10000 (8)

The Bunyips are joined as a group.


Artist's Rendering of an actual Bunyip.