Cactus cat
2345688 (26)
Vital statistics
Species Cactus cat
First appearance Cryptid vs. Cryptid
2345688 (103)
2345688 (36)
2345688 (162)
Cactus cat is a cryptid that makes its first and only appearance in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.


It's raw resembles a pumas but it's colored green, and has spikes (probably fused hair like a rhino horn or porcupine spikes). These Mexican residents are known mainly for their spikes. Although it's unlikely, the spikes were folklored to be able to be used as speeding missiles, similar to the old (but false) tales of porcupines shooting off their spines as projectiles. The muscled build up extra energy; the hair-like follicles slowly detach themselves from the inner tissue; and the muscles give off a sudden vibration that sends the projections flying. This is a harmless, but painful method of self defense. The beast is also seen sporting two tails.


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