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Vital statistics
Species Centiscarabs
Type Large Centipede
First appearance Eterno

Centiscarabs are the protectors of The Methuselah Tree. They made their first and only appearance in Eterno.

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These are fearless insect-like crabs that live in underground rivers of Middle East. Just like the firecracker beetles, the centiscarabs aren't real. It was also announced by Jay that they were a misleading description of a known animal. These creatures have the ability to manipulate solid structures; such as sands and solid grounds. Although these creatures are related to sea crustaceans, their tough outer shell and air-breathing lungs allow them to live on land.


Biology of the species

They may seem like centipedes, but are really big species of Malacostraca (class includes crabs, omars, shrimps...). Like their real relatives, they are aquatic and mainly found in the legendary Mother river. They seem to have a symbiotic relationship with a species of plant known as the Methuselah Tree.

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