Code of the Cryptids is one of the Secret Saturdays games on When you complete it you get a wallpaper that has the Saturdays, Owlman, Honey Island Swamp Monster , Biloko , Duah (Ropen) Bishopville Lizardman , Chupacabra , Cherufe. Game has three different areas. Each area has 10 levels then a boss. Area 1 ends with Van Rook, Area 2 with Munya, and Area 3 with Argost. You have to collect 4 artifacts from each level except for the boss level. You have to get all the powers to get all 60 artifacts. The only powers you have in Area 1 Level 1 are:

  • Z+X=jump attack
  • Z=jump
  • X=attack

You also have to attack: The Popobawa, Flashlight Frog, Cryptid Plants, Munya, V.V. Argost, Van Rook and Olgoi khorckhoi.


  • They're also unidentified snake cryptids that can easily be defeated by blocks if they get crushed or run into it.