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"Is this about the Congolese Giant Spider Stampede? I told you that was an accident. Fiskerton dared me to throw a rock at the web!"
-Zak Saturday

Congolese Giant Spiders , or J'ba FoFi, live in the Congo of Africa. These giant invertebrates are known for their enormous nests. First, they dig a burrow in a tree's roots. Next, they cover the burrow with large tree leaves. Finally, thay spin an enormous web in between two trees and set a tripline along the trails. This very action can be related to currently studied tarantula activities. These creatures also have white eggs with a shape simular to peanuts. The immature congolese giant spiders are said to be yellow with a purple abdomen, but they turn darker and browner as they grow older. The locals who have seen this cryptid say it was once fairly common, but due to deforestation, the creatures are becoming extremely rare.

In the Show

Mentioned in The Kur Stone:Part Two, but not seen yet.


Unknown, but like the Papuan Giant Spider it probably eats anything it can catch. Many locals proclame that these creatures can eat prey as big as small antelope and pygmies, but they prefer large birds.

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