Cortex Disrupter

A hand-held weapon that shoots blue beams of energy which can render its target unconscious. Several of them can be wired together to effect larger than human-sized targets. The Disrupters were designed by Doc and Drew and they are most commonly seen wielding them. The Disrupters play a large role in "The King of Kumari Kandom", through out the episode Zak asked if he could have his own, to which Doc and Drew repeatedly replied no. When both of his parents were captured by the Kumari castle guards Zak is quick to return to the Cortex disrupters with him to help free his parents, in hopes that it would prove to his parents how responsible he was. This ultimately back fired when his parents having already escaped, disguised themselves as guards to get close to Argost, who had taken over the city. Drew tried to surprise attack him, but Zak shot the Disrupter at Argost, but he missed and hit his mom who was charging right at him. Later on Zak had to tie all of the Disrupters they had on hand to the end of a pole and used their combined power to stop the Kumari's giant sea serpent (with the city built onto it's back, explaining to Doc how the city moved which he always wondered) after which the Family put the prince on the throne. It was also seen in Paris is Melting