Cryem data base
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The Crime Data Base is the computer database network that the Saturdays use to learn about the criminals they might come across, it is unlocked by an eye scan. Drew Saturday used it to search for Doyle's profile to figure if Doyle is her brother. Zak mentions Interpol when accessing it in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner indicating its their criminal data base.


  • In the episode "Van Rook's Apprentice," when Drew Saturday is scanning the Crime Data Base, Hex, Enoch, and Dr. Animo from the original Ben 10 series are seen displayed.


  • UPDATE: It was shown that the two shows are indeed in the same continuity in the Ben 10 Omniverse episode "T.G.I.S.". Secret Saturdays takes place during the time Ben is without the Omnitrix.