Devil Monkey
10000000000 (31)
Vital statistics
Species Devil Monkey
First appearance Ghost in the Machine

The Devil Monkey, (Cebus devilenis) is a monkey- like cryptid that made its first and only appearance in Ghost in the Machine.


They are blamed for killing livestock, and are normally mistaken for kangaroos at first glance. They are said to be 3-8 feet tall. have white stripes and underbellies, and have dark fur patterns. Most sightings happen in the Appalachian mountains of America. Some repots say it might be a marsupial, and being able to be as fast as a speeding car. Appeared in Ghost in the Machine, along with 12 other humanoid cryptids. The Devil Monkey was seen in The Secret Saturdays Beast of the Fifth Sun. It tries to help Zak in the Baron Finster levels.

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