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Soloman "Doc" Saturday
Doc large
General Information
Species Human
Voice Actor Phil Morris (The Secret Saturdays)
Bumper Robinson (Ben 10: Omniverse)
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One

Solomon "Doc" Saturday is the father of Zak Saturday and husband to Drew Saturday, along with the adoptive father of Zon, Fiskerton and Komodo Saturday. He lost sight in one eye while protecting Zak from a Cryptid. He was very surprised when he found out that Zak was Kur and was against the Secret Scientists cryogenic-ray freezing his son.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Doc is of African American heritage, with dark skin, black hair (with a streak of white going down the middle), and one dark brown eye, while the other is a sightless blue color due to him being blind in that eye. Doc has a black jump suit with a orange vest over it, a yellow belt and two yellow gloves, one of which being Doc's Battle Glove, with two big boots.

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  • According to Doc in Curse of the Stolen Tiger, he met Drew while rock climbing.

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