Dr. Lee
General Information
Species Human
Occupation(s) Scientist
Voice Actor Diedrich Bader
First Appearance Ghost in the Machine

Dr. Lee is a villainous scientist and an old colleague of Basil Lancaster. His first and only appearance was Ghost in the Machine.


He is one of the colleagues of Basil Lancaster and a younger Doc Saturday in a project to create Cryptids within Honey Island Swamp. When the project went out of control, Basil fled with the research and Dr. Lee and his followers went into hiding. Years later, they use technology to create a ghost of the late Basil Lancaster to lure Doc to Honey Island Swamp and use "Basil's ghost" to make Doc restart the project.

In the end, the Honey Island Swamp Project's info was destroyed and Dr. Lee and his followers were dropped off at a local prison with evidence of what they were doing.


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