Drew Saturday
Drew Saturday
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown, possibly 32-34
Occupation(s) Secret Scientist
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Tibetan Fire Sword
Relatives Doc Saturday (husband)
Zak Saturday (son)
Doyle Blackwell (brother)
Fiskerton Saturday (adopted son)
Komodo Saturday (adopted son)
Zon Saturday (adopted daughter)
Parents (deceased)
Voice Actor Nicole Sullivan
Vanessa Marshall (Ben 10: Omniverse)
First Appearance The Kur Stone:Part One

Drew is the wife of Solomon "Doc" Saturday, and Zak's mother. She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan.


When Drew was a young girl, she went camping in the Himalayas with her parents and her little brother, Doyle. During the night, the camp was destroyed, presumably by a snow storm, and Drew was left all alone. She was taken in and trained by Tibetan monks, who eventually gave her the Tibetan Fire Sword she carries as a weapon.

Drew is the wife of Doc and mother of Zak. She "believes in the magic" so she is willing to believe in something before the evidence is found. She's a mystic who is well-versed in the world’s cultures and can blend in anywhere her travels may take her. Drew is always encouraging her son to try new things like tribal dancing or sand painting. However, when there's a risk of danger, Drew gets a little overprotective of her only son. She seems to consider Fiskerton her son as well, as she has called him one of "her boys." She is now is extremely protective of Zak, now that the Saturdays have learned that Zak is Kur. In Kur:Part One, despite Zak's being Kur, like Doc, she still deeply cares for him. In Kur:Part Two, she still deeply trusts her boy, despite that she is attacked by a Naga while under Zak's control. In The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl, her eyes are nearly taken away by the cryptid Ahuizotl, but she's saved by Zak just in time. At the end of the episode, after they had forbidden Zak from watching TV for watching Weird World, a TV show created by their arch-enemy, V.V. Argost, she intentionally throws the TV out of the Airship, much to Doc's chagrin (luckily a new TV replaced it in the next episode). Eventually in the episode Into The Mouth of Darkness, she learns that Argost is really alive. Later she and Zak chase Argost through the silver mine while they are searching for a "monster" — which later turns out to be Zak. Unfortunately, when she is about to attack Argost with a shovel, in hopes of learning what this monster is, she is betrayed by her own son, when he slips a loop rope around her foot so she wouldn't find out about his and Argost's secret deal. She used to date Van Rook in college. In And Your Enemies Closer, she and Doyle (whose search for Argost's past led him there) reunited in Himalayas at the same place that their family was lost. She then learns that it wasn't the blizzard that separated her and Doyle but an attack on their camp by the Yeti. Much to her shock, she and Doyle learn that the cryptid that destroyed their family, killed their parents, and caused them to be separated and grow up in different ways was in fact Argost. During "War of the Cryptids," Drew let out her anger on Argost, up to the point of alienating Zak when he was hurt and even when Argost offered a truce. Rani Nagi took her sword from her and attempted to kill her with it, but Van Rook jumped in the way of the blast, saving Drew's life, yet losing his own. Leonidas Van Rook died in Drew's arms. She was so caught up in the moment that she failed to notice her own son agreeing to go with Argost. When Zak supposedly died, Drew was devastated, but was beyond happy when her baby boy turned out to be all right. She was last seen at Van Rook's funeral, crying on her husband's shoulder after the reception.

Physical Appearance

Drew is a tall, slim, somewhat curvaceous, and rather attractive woman. In some scenes, she appears to have an hourglass figure. She has long pale blonde hair (almost white), bright blue eyes, and fair skin. Her makeup consists of pink eye shadow and lipstick and she wears an orange suit with a belt. On her back is a cover for her Tibetan Fire Sword. During Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, she is shown wearing a tight black dress with matching black heels, yellow jewelry, red lipstick, dark eye shadow and her hair was pulled up into a ponytail. During "War of the Cryptids," at Van Rook's funeral, she is shown wearing a simple black dress with dark gloves and heels.


Notable Equipment


Drew using Fire Sword



  • In the episode Into The Mouth of Darkness, she was betrayed by her own son, Zak, after he intentionally slipped a loop rope around her foot, then suspended her upside down when she was about to attack Argost. Unknown to her, Zak did it to keep his mother from knowing about his secret deal with Argost.
  • It's revealed that Drew was indeed pregnant with Zak when she and Doc dug up the Kur stone thirteen years previously. When they dropped the stone, there was an energy explosion. While she was covering her eyes and screaming, the energy which later turned out to be Kur's essence surrounded her and went into her womb where the Kur found its host, the unborn Zak. Meaning that Drew is the mother of Kur.
  • In War of the Cryptids her ex-boyfriend is killed by Rani Nagi using her fire sword, much to Drew's dismay.


  • She speaks 37 surface languages.
  • According to Doyle Blackwell's page, she is around 37 years old or so.
  • Drew is the mother of the real Kur (a.k.a. Zak).
  • Stephens has confirmed that her maiden name is Blackwell.
  • A running gag in the series is that Drew breaks TVs from their home or Airship. In The Kur Stone:Part One she throws a TV at someone who is later revealed to be Doyle Blackwell, her brother. She also throws a TV out of the airship in The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl to prevent Zak from watching Weird World, much to Doc's chagrin, who wanted only to ground Zak from watching TV.
  • Drew has mentioned that she is an ace fighter pilot, which she takes great pride in, refusing to be shot down even if she does so on purpose as a diversion in Legion of Garuda.
  • Another running gag in the series is that whenever her son Zak is in danger, captured, or injured she'll most likely go into her overprotective mom-mode, and she'll do anything to make sure her son is safe.
  • Ever since Drew and her husband found out that their son is Kur, Drew has gotten a lot more protective of her son, since many people actually are now after him.
  • In Food of the Giants, she shows her skill as a expert in wilderness survival.
  • Despite being a cryptid expert, before And Your Enemies Closer, she had never heard of the Yeti plaguing the mountains.
  • Even though it's never shown how Drew reacted to Zak working with Argost, many fans assume that she has probably forgiven Zak for what he did, seeing as how she still cared for him in War of the Cryptids.
  • It is mentioned in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, during her and Doc's previous anniversary she and Doc were somehow trapped inside a belly of a giant squid (which was apparently more pleasant than Marrakesh).
  • Drew's son, Zak, is mixed race due to his parents being married interracially and are of two different ethnicities (Doc is of African-American origin while Drew is Caucasian).

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