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Vital statistics
Species Dunkleosteus
Type Shark
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part One
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Dunkleosteus is a huge shark that lived in the late Devonian period. It was first seen in a picture in The Kur Stone:Part One. Later it was the main cryptid in Cartoon Network Action Pack #26: The Cannibal Curse.


A large living fossil, shark like in appearance. It had a large, armored head and powerful, crushing jaws. These creature were said to be 4 tons in weight. They had one of the strongest biting force of any other sea creature. The biggest notable feature on the beast, is its large, two-pronged jaws. This specimen seems to be a recent descendant of the first Dunkleosteus.

In the Comics

A small fishing village believed they had angered Dakuwaqa, the Dunkleosteus, in 1867 after they had put Elija Saturday to death. The Saturdays visited the village while investigating the legend of Dakuwaqa to take part in a ceremonial apology to convince Dakuwaqa to lift the curse. Unfortunately, Fiskerton creates a fire in the middle of the ceremony, and for doing so is offered as a sacrifice to Dakuwaqa himself. Dakuwaqa confronts Doc, but is ultimately driven away by Zak, who controls him and makes him scram. This is the first time he used his cryptid-controlling powers, as he does not have the Claw yet. Also, Doc and Drew are surprised by this power, alike they didn't know he had it.

During their visit and encounter with the shark god, Doc's cryptipedia indicated it has a genetic resemblence to a Dunkleosteus and is possibly a "living fossil".



  • Dakuwaqa is a shark god in FijianBiography