Emela ntouka
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Vital statistics
Species Emela ntouka
Habitat Africa
Type =
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part Two (flashback)
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Emela ntouka is a strange creature said to live in Africa. It was first seen in a flashback in The Kur Stone:Part Two.


It's believed to be either a prehistoric dinosaur such as triceratops or an unknown species of rhino. It was seen in a flashback in The Kur Stone:Part Two and Kur:Part One. For a long time, many people hadn't a clue on what the emela ntouka even looked like. A close relative of the emela ntouka was seen in the comic #44 "Lost king of Africa: part one." This species had a set of fringed horns behind its forehead, which might be the Ngoubou.



  • Like most plant eaters, Emela-ntoukas can eat plants and drink water.
  • Unlike most plant eaters, this creature can kill other large herbivores.

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