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Vital statistics
Species Indian Naga
Habitat Engulfer
Type Water
Affiliations Argost's Army
First appearance Where Lies the Engulfer
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Under the microcope

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Engulfer's dinner

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Pheromone "vision"

Engulfer, also known as Hînqûmemen, is a cryptid species that inhabits lakes of Canada and the northern United States. It made its first appearance in Where Lies the Engulfer.


What appears to be a single cryptid is actually is a giant colony of tiny microscopic cryptids that trap the water between its cells with the help of tiny tentacles.

The creature can not see until the object had contact with it. Then it will leave pheromone scent and will track down its prey. After the prey is located, the creature will drown it in its own mass than slowly digest it with help of special chemical (as Doc Saturday indicates same chemicals used to digest Engulfer's prey are deadly to plants and poisoning local ecosystem). In the episode it was shown that creature can "see" the interiors of the buildings around the landscape, indicating that the creatures were in this location for a while- otherwise it wouldn't have enough time to leave its pheromone markings on the interior landscape.

In War of the Cryptids, it appears again as Argost's soldier, implying that another colony exists outside of the one fought by Zak and Doyle.


Point of interest

  • They are capable of manipulating the water into whatever shape is needed in the pursuit of prey, from spheres, to tentacles, to serpent-like constructs.
  • Clever enough to form strategies when hunting.
  • They do not migrate in search of food; they always stay in one location.
  • However, if the lake becoms polluted, the entire colony dies.

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