Story Information

Cover (6)
Source: Cartoon Network Action Pack #36
On sale: April 8 2009Cover by Jay Stephens · Written by John Rozum


After attempting to capture the Malaysian Mermaid, Argost is able to escape with Komodo; in order to lure Saturdays into a trap. Komodo escapes from his cage when Munya tries to feed him. He releases a Skunk Ape, Gulon, Jinshin-Mushin and Ki lin. After they escape, they face Van Rook. Gulon jumps on him and knocks him out. Argost heard the noise and came down to recapture them but Junshin-Mushin generates a sound wave that causes the stone columns and ceiling to collapse. After Argost was distracted, they escape to meet up with the rescue party, which includes the Saturdays and other secret scientists.


Main Characters



Supporting Cast

Arthur Beeman


Weird World ,Indian ocean (near Malaysia)


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