Fisk Robots
Fisk Robots
General Information
Species Robot
First Appearance Shadows of Lemuria
"Fisk's mind made these?"


After V.V. Argost invaded Fiskerton's brain to find the location of Kur, the result was a neural overload that created three robots. The Saturdays tried to stop these robots to no avail but later they discovered that the machines were actually trying to make a diving rod to find Kur. They would later destroy themselves to make the globe for the diving rod.


Each robot had incredible strength and agility. They could detach and reatach their limbs and could withstand a lot of punishment (Drew's sword didn't even make a scratch). They also had a feedback loop that could redirect energy blasts.



  • They have the same abilities Fiskerton has but they have more power to withstand attacks then Fiskerton could.

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