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Fiskerton large
Habitat: Nottinghamshire, England
Known Abilities: Inhuman Strength, shown to have night vision, requires little or no sleep

Fiskerton Phantom is an 8-foot tall member of the cryptid species "gorilla-cats," with glowing red eyes and tan fur. Fiskerton is one of the few remaining gorilla-cats, whose home is in Nottinghamshire, England. Will appear in the upcoming Secret Saturdays video game, Beast of the Fifth Sun. The term gorilla-cat means that he is a bipedal ape with some cat-like features such as his ears and eyes.


In the ShowEdit

See Fiskerton.

On CartoonNetwork.comEdit

In "Code of the Cryptids," Fiskerton will sometimes appear in the background.


Birds: In Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, Fiskerton is shown chasing a robin. In Food of the Giants, he told Abbey to feed him a bird, but she let the bird go, since she didn't understand his language. In Life in the Underground, Fisk wanted to cook a bird in Zak's birthday, but Doc refused.

Fish: In Van Rook's Apprentice Fiskerton is seen rubbing his hands together and opening his mouth when Zak throws a fish in the air for Zon and in Something in the Water, he is shown eating chum (fish guts).

Grubs: In The Kur Guardian Fiskerton was shown with a mouthful of grubs and even offers one to Doyle.Yuck!

Plants: Just like gorillas, they may eat plants

Al-Kaseem Firecracker Beetles - Fiskerton and Komodo both tried to catch one in the first episode.

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