"What beautiful music you and I will make together."
V.V. Argost in The Legion of Garuda


In the Sumerian story "The Epic of Gilgamesh" when Gilgamesh's friend is killed Gilgamesh buries his friend with 2 gifts to help him in the afterlife. One of these gifts was a flute.

He displayed to the Sun God a flute of carnelian
for Dumuzi, the shepherd beloved of Ishtar:
"May Dumuzi, the shepherd beloved of Ishtar, accept this,
may he welcome my friend and walk by his side!"

Gilgamesh used the flute to originally destroy Kur.

It was used on Zak and almost killed him in the process of driving out Kur.

Argost uses it (with the help of Devonian Annelids) to suck out Zak Monday's power, which killed him. He then destroys it along with the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca.


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