FusionFall was a online muti-player cartoon network game that operated from 2008 to 2013. FusionFall featured different cartoon network characters from different series from over the years. The characters from the Secret Saturdays that were used in FusionFall were, Drew Saturday, Doc Saturday, Zak Saturday, Fiskerton Saturday, Zon Saturday, V.V. Argost, a Chupacabra, and members of the Kumaris.



Drew Saturday was a npc in FusionFall that did not give out missions. She is seen with her fire sword.

FusionFall Page for Drew Saturday. Doc Saturday was a npc in FusionFall that did not give out missions. He is seen wearing his power glove, and is the only member of the Saturday family not seen in the past

FusionFall page for Doc Saturday

Zak Saturday was a npc in FusionFall that handed out missions to the players. These missions ended with the player fighting an evil fusion version of Zak, a green skinned Zak with red eyes. After defeating the fusion Zak, the player was rewarded with a Nano Zak.

FusionFall page for Zak Saturday. V.V. Argost was a npc in the game FusionFall. He gave out two Thanksgiving missions to player during a Thanksgiving event in 2009. FusionFall page for V.V.Argost

Fiskerton Saturday, Zon Saturday, and a Chupacabra were cryptid npc in the game FusionFall. These cryptids did not give missions to the players.

FusionFall page for Fiskerton Saturday, Zon Saturday, and Chupacabra.Members of the Kumari are seen in the game FusionFall. The Kumaris, named Kumari Admirals, used serpents, similar to the Kumari Kandam sea serpent, to help players travel to different areas in FusionFall.FusionFall page for Kumari Admirals


  • Players could ride a Secret Saturdays theme hoverboard in the game. Its description read " Straight from Zak's personal collection, this hoverboard will make your parents freak!"

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