Future Zak
General Information
Species Human/Cryptid
First Appearance Kur:Part One

Future Zak is Zak Saturday seeing a corrupted future self leading the cryptids in the war on humanity.

Physical Appearance

His future alter ego sports a jacket, and has his hair long, but the patch of white hair remains. He also wears a black shirt, brown pants, and a gray coat.



In The Return of Tsul 'Kalu, Zak had five visions.

  1. Fisk and Komodo growling, their eyes are glowing from Zak's power, among a ruined city with smoking buildings.
  2. Zak saw a crashed airplane.
  3. A giant elephant-bug like creature and the Nagas pursue humans. The blue Naga then (who told the flying snake: "Yes, that's him. Rejoice that you have lived the return of Kur!") asked Zak: "What's your next command my Master Kur?".
  4. The cryptids hunted down a human who asked Zak/Kur: "Please. Why are you doing this?" and he answers: "Because you're human". Then he makes the cryptids attack that man.
  5. They saw fire then Zak/Kur went toward a broken mirror and saw himself in it then he broke it.

However, since it was the fear from Tsul 'Kalu, these may not be the true future in his visions, but a worst case scenario one.