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Vital statistics
Species Garuda
Habitat Asia
First appearance The Legion of Garuda

Garuda is a bird like creature from Asia it was never truly seen in a show, though Gokul created an illusion of it to scare off Naga soldiers. Its first and only appearance was in The Legion of Garuda.


The Garuda is a gigantic avian said to be able to tell good from wicked souls, and to easily fly across the universe. He was said to have a white face, red wings, and a golden body. Throughout Asian mythology, he was a worshiped creature. This powerful being was even said to be feared by the gods of Buddhism and Hinduism. In Buddhism, the nagas are the enemies of the Garudas, minor deities resembling gigantic eagles, who eat them. They learned how to keep from being devoured by the Garudas by eating large stones, which made them too heavy to be carried off by the Garudas. This shows why The Legion of Garuda, and the Nagas, are enemies.



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