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Groostlang is angry.

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Grootslang notices his snack being taken.

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Grootslang slows himself down.

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Slip and slide.


Grootslang is going for a mud slide.

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Grootslang roaring!

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Grootslang forcing Komodo to give his snack back.

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Grootslang is on the chase.

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Groostlang running.

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The Grootslang glares at Komodo.


He tries to reach his snack from Komodo.

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The Grootslang roars.

10000000000 (45)

Zak controls the Grootslang.

10000000000 (46)

It's still in control.

10000000000 (48)

Grootslang watches his snack being tossed to another side.


The Grootslang is a legendary cryptid that is reported to dwell in deep caves in Richtersveld, South Africa. Many Grootslangs are seen in 'War of the Cryptids" fighting in Zak's Army.


In the show it is depicted as a elephant with four tusks, horns and a spiked tail. It's color appears to be green. In the legend, its similar to a large serpent, the creature is supposedly 40 ft long and 3 ft wide, according to witnesses. In Dahomey, it is known as an elephant with a serpent tail which the show based it on.


Meat- The Saturdays led it to an area having it chase some dragging meat. The legend also says it eats meat.


The cave is known as the “Wonder Hole” or the “Bottomless Pit.” Supposedly, it connects to the sea, which is 40 miles away. According to local legend, the cave is filled with diamonds. So he may be the guardian of the diamonds.

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