Honey Island Swamp Monster
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Vital statistics
Species Honey Island Swamp Monster
First appearance Ghost in the Machine

Honey Island Swamp Monster (Crbaochyungothropuis paludosus), is a large, hairy, bipedal creature that has gray fur, yellow eyes, and resembles bigfoot. It made its first and only appearance in Ghost in the Machine.


Seen in Ghost in the Machine, where it is seen and revealed to be the first cryptid Doc Saturday tracked. This peculiar cryptid is a mix of all interbreeding beasts. It has a mane, crocodile-like feet, a monkey's face, and obscure, crab-like claws. This cryptid is known for its bright, sickly-colored eyes. The only purpose the odd claws have, is for grappling, and snatching. Some believe it is a bipedal crocodile-like humanoid.

This creature has been sighted in The Honey Island Swamp, which is located in Louisiana USA. This area is a vast swamp land that is located in the middle of the east and west Pearl Rivers. It has been sighted walking upright and down on all four, it is described as a huge, wooly, bipedal mammal, near 7 feet tall with a weight of roughly 400 and 500 lbs., with sickly yellow eyes.




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