Like a lot of Cartoon Network shows, The Secret Saturdays has its inapropriate moments from time to time. VERY few times, but still. Here are some examples:

  • In "The Kur Stone: Part one", Van Rook says, "Drew, you're looking HOT as ever!"
  • The fact that in "Curse of the Stolen Tiger", everyone keeps saying 'puberty' like 30 times. If you only knew what this really was...
  • (From "Kur Rising"):

Argost: "This is my body now! And your body, well, I hope you like the two-piece model!" Yeah, someone saying  this to a GUY.

  • In episode 28, "Kur:Part Two", some random guy says, "National Guards don't deal with monsters, you moron!" Moron is used in shows TV-PG and up, and they even CENSOR it in Total Drama and Regular Show!
  • In "And Your Enemies Closer", Argost says, "Good Evening, Moonshine", Moonshine means smuggled beer.