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"The Kalmykian snakes were different... we didn't know they exploded."
Doc Saturday
Kalmykian snakes

The Kalmykian Snakes live in the desert plains of the Republic of Kalmykia. They are very venomous and colors range from green or purplish-blue. They are very easily provoked and will attack without hesitation. They can cause their old layer of skin to explode and several of them exploding in the same area can do quite a bit of damage. The Saturdays encountered a group, but they did not relize the snakes blew-up until it was too late.

In the Show

In episode one, the Saturdays refrence the snakes. They also have a picture showing them fighting the snakes.

In the Comics

The purplish-blue variety can be seen in the comic "Crying Wolf".

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