Kaisi Rex
10 (5)
Vital statistics
Species Kaisi Rex
Habitat Congo
First appearance Shadows of Lemuria

The Kaisi Rex, is a cryptid that lives in the Congo, and is thought to be a descendent of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It made its first and only appearance in Shadows of Lemuria.


Reports describe a creature that resembles a tetrapod, or predatory dinosaur. Many European settlers noticed this beast surviving on large beast like rhinoceros and African elephants. Only one photograph survived. It showed a feasting Kaisi Rex. It appeared in the episode Shadows of Lemuria as a dinosaur-like skeleton in Saturdays HQ. In fact, it can survive in deep water and breathe underwater. A close cousin of the Kasai Rex was seen in the comic #44 and 45 "The lost king of Africa."



He has a sail on his back unlike the real Tyrannosaurus. This descended trait, one that the Spinosaur and Dimetrons had, is used to absorb heat from solar rays, and likewise catch the wind to cool them down.

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