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Vital statistics
Species Koerakoonlased
First appearance Cryptid vs. Cryptid

The Koerakoonlased is an cycloptic canid cryptid from the myth of Estonia. It made its first appearance in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.


In myth, it was portrayed as a one-eyed man with the head of a dog. It is possible that in the wild that Koerakoonlaseds hunt down prey together in packs like dogs and wolves. Some are seen in War of the Cryptids fighting alongside Zak. Many of them were attacking the Mokele Mbembe. It's said that these cryptids were also cannibalistic, or that they saw humans as prey options. In the end of the series, it was accidentally scared away by the Grootslang (this is a bit strange since the Koerakoonlased and Grootslang were on Zak's side).



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