Kumari moving

Kumari Kandam on the move

Kumari Kandam is an ancient underwater city that was designed to be mobile. Legend says the city moved thanks to the magic of their gods, but really it's just on the back of a giant serpent. Most believe that it was ripped from the mainland by an earthquake and sunk beneath the waves. The truth, however, is that it was built to move underwater and has been on the bottom of the ocean for centuries. The city is defended by energy cannons on its battlement and by its serpent.

Until recently, the city had not been known to have surfaced for centuries. V.V. Argost located the city and convinced the king that the city had been discovered by those living on the surface. He staged an attack on the city, claiming it was humans, and gained the Kumaris trust by helping defend them from his own attackers. The current king was killed in the attack and Argost stepped in, hoping to use the city for his own ends. The Saturdays befriended Prince Ulraj and helped him remove Argost from Kumari Kandam but not before he was able to escape with the Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam.

The city is later seen during the resurface of the Naga race. The Kumari have a natural fear of them, as they can control snakes, and by extent, the giant sea serpent that carries their city. When Zak manages to calm the serpent down, Prince Ulraj rides it to the Atlas Pin, and uses it to knock away the Naga equipment pulling the key out.

Kumari underwater

Under water view of the city

Real World Information

  • Kumari Kandam(Also known as KumariNadu, or KumariKanttam) is a mythical continent in the Indian Ocean that was said to be inhabited by Tamils, the people of Southern India. The lands are said to connect from South India, to Madagascar, to Australia, but later sunk due to catastrophes.