The Kumaris are a race of underwater fish humanoids.

The Kumaris are first seen in the episode The King of Kumari Kandam. They have blue-gray skin, large red eyes, point ears, and "hair" similar to fish fins. These people live in the kingdom of Kumari Kandam, which is on the back of the Kumari Kandam Sea Serpent.


The Kumaris have lived in their city, completely untouched by the rest of the world, for generations. After living under water for so long the Kumaris have evolved to become a sub-species of fishmen that can breath both under water and on land. The kumaris also have a kind of shark sense called electroreception that allows them to sense when someone is near. Sharks use it to find fish hiding in the sand. The Kumaris also have a telapthic conection with the Kumari Serpent which carries their city on its back. The Kumaris can command their serpent to do whatever they want with their minds, sort of like Zak's Kur power.

The Kumaris were ruled by a king until he was killed by V.V. Argost, in order to gain control of the kingdom and the Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam. Later with the help of the Saturday Family, Ulraj the former king's son, became the true king of Kumari Kandam. Ulraj since then has pledge his alliance with the Saturday family, and became a friendly rival to Zak Saturday.

Kumari admiral as seen in FusionFall

Points of Interest

  • Can sense electrical fields of living beings.


  • Kumaris could be used to travel in the Cartoon Network game FusionFall
  • The Kumaris in FusionFall are named Kumari Admiral

The previous king seen with Ulraj and a guard

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