Kur's tomb has three stone watchmen and has a stream nearby. It is located in a jungle. Cryptid fights were held there so Zak could be tricked to remove its guardian, the Rakshasha. After the guardian, you have to use the sound produced by blowing into the Alkali Lake Monster Horn to open a secret passageway. Then use the Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam which contain's Kur's breath to break the stone guardians in the next chamber. Next use the Cherufe Nesting Crystal to shield against the blast of cold air coming from opening the door to the final chamber. What was in the temple was the Fiskerton Stone. It also makes Zak's powers go crazy after a while, lets him make a wind-like aura around his body and he could control almost every cryptid in it; like when he's at a mystic hotspot, but a lot stronger, probably because Zak is the real Kur and that is his past self's tomb.
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Original Kur - ornamental image


  • Kur is not located in his tomb, even though the kur stone said it would be. It is notable, however, that the stone may have been deciphered incorrectly.
  • It is also possible that whoever made the stone foresaw the events and knew that everything that happened in the series would lead to the revelation.

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