Kur:Part One
1000 (163)
General Information
Original broadcast November 7th 2009
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 2
Episode number 1
Overall episode number 27
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by Scott Jeralds
Episode Guide
Previous episode Kur Rising
Next episode Kur:Part Two

Kur:Part One was the season premiere of Season 2 of The Secret Saturdays. It is the twenty-seventh episode overall. It premiered on November 7th 2009.


The Secret Scientists discover Zak is Kur and the family soon become fugitives. While The Secret Scientists are tracking him, Zak realizes this puts him and his family in danger. To make matters worse, the Nagas are also after Zak into leading them and the cryptids to a new era. Meanwhile, Doyle has a run-in with Leonidas Van Rook (who had just had his business overtaken by Abby) when looking for V.V. Argost, who has mysteriously disappeared.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters



  • Antarctica
  • Czech Republic
  • Mexico




  • We learn that Van Rook trained Abbey too well, and is now out of business.
  • Abbey is absent from this episodes, but she was mentioned.
  • Argost is absent from this episode, but he is mentioned several times.
  • Zak has different control of his powers than he normally does, it's because that since he is now 12 years old, he's at the stages between a kid and an adult.
  • It´s unknown as exactly the secret scientifics manage to learn that Zak was Kur. But can be speculated that they get the information from Miranda, as she have a base in the antartica and maybe her technology film the battle and the moment in that the saturday family discover that Zak was kur
  • It's possible that The Saturdays have faced Deadbolt before, when Zak was telling Fiskerton how easy the head came off last time.
  • This is Deadbolt's second appearance and in spite of being upgraded his head pops off again.
  • The second time in the series that an episode has two parts in it.
  • After Beeman was kicked by Doc, his shout sounded like Talu Mizuki's shout when he was tossed by the Revolving Beast.


  • Rani Nagi's spikes on her tail shrink and move down her tail.
  • When Rani Nagi was wrapping her tail around Zak, a part of her orange part of her tail turns green.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Drew was pregnant with Zak, but she was extremely skinny as if she wasn't pregnant.
    • It may be that she was in her first trimester, and you usually don't start to show until your second trimester.

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