An oval-shaped stone said to be the key leading to the legendary Sumerian cryptid Kur. According to the legend, whoever controls Kur would control the world. Doc and Drew Saturday lead the dig team that discovered the stone but they were not aware of what they had found.

Unknown to the scientists, V.V. Argost had disguised himself among the dig workers and stole the stone. The Secret Scientists tracked Argost to his mansion. By the time they recovered the Stone, their team of fifty had been reduced to only seven. To prevent the Stone from falling into the wrong hands again, it was split into three pieces by the Secret Scientists. The pieces were being kept by Doctors Henry Chiveyo, Miranda Grey and Doc Saturday. Argost tracked down and stole the pieces back, hoping it will reveal the location of the cryptid Kur to him. The Kur stone is what held the essence of Kur. Zak isn't the original Kur. He is Kur reincarnate. Kur has inhabited many bodies before. He wanted "Something to live between the worlds of human and cryptid" this time. It would be even more dangerous than the cryptid bodies.

Doc was able to make a holographic model of one piece from impressions it left in the mud. Also, when Doyle joined the Saturdays, he stole a piece of the Stone from Argost, and when the Saturdays invaded Weird World again, Drew took a holographic picture of the final piece.

It was eventually learned that the Kur stone Doc and Drew discovered before Zak's birth contained Kur's essence. During the accident when it was uncovered, the energy left the stone and found a new form as a host, namely, the unborn Zak, because as Rani Nagi, said, it was a much more dangerous form as the bridge between the worlds of humans and cryptids. Despite the Saturdays trying to keep the truth about Zak's nature secret, the other Secret Scientists found out and began pursuing Zak, forcing the Saturdays to go on the run. It is revealed that Zak's true destiny is to be the destructor of humanity but he overcomes it and becomes a good Kur.

Connections to Kur

The stone is a map leading to each key item needed to find Kur and it also contained Kur's essence, which caused Kur to become Zak when Doc and Drew dropped the stone (see above).



  • Kur is not located in his tomb, even though the Kur stone said he would be.
  • At the beginning of Kur Rising a symbol that appears to be the letter c with a line connecting to a circle is shown on the kur stone. The same symbol appears at the end but this time appearing in Zak's eye. Jay has revealed that that symbol meaned Kur:

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