Vital statistics
Species Lau
First appearance Something in the Water
"For the record, the side with the ten ton fish are usually the winners."
―Drew Saturday in Something in the Water.

Lau is a catfish creature living in Southern Africa. It made its first and only appearance in Something in the Water.


The Lau are a series of two different species. The ones seen in the episode are said to well-built elasmosaurs. They were said to have long base well as somewhat rounded bodies. These creatures are notorious for attacking small, passing vessels. They are very feared throughout the river systems. They were also recognized for their tentacle-like appendages on their faces. This is the major donation for the "catfish" theory.

In the episode Something in the Water, these cryptids were being used to power a city build on top of water. Later they were freed by the Saturday family.


Points of interest

  • Can generate their own electric energy. This is made in very unique organs. The same that eels have.
  • Communicates by sending electric impulse that gets picked up by tentacle like structures on a face.
  • Can lay up to 1000 eggs
  • Can reproduce without male, that indicates partinoginesis—the ability to reproduce without a male by natural cloning, that some fish and reptiles have.
  • Weight: about 10 tons
  • Male Lau are yellow in color unlike the red female.
  • They take care of their young.


  • The big red female is rumored to be called Lau07pink.

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