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The Leitche is a ghoulish humanoid swamp Cryptid with pale skin that appears wrinkled and waterlogged. It is covered in moss and mulch, possesses glowing green eyes, and has webbed hands with three inch claws. It is extremely simular to the Wendigo and Jenny Greenteeth. Both are monsters that wait for victims at the water's edge.

Secret Saturdays Leitche--article image
In the real world, "Leitche" is an English surname, a variant of "Leach" or "Leech," an occupational name meaning "doctor" or "surgeon," possibly because the first doctors were barbers or "blood letters", or else because actual leeches were used for medicinal blood-letting. (The name of the animal comes from an Old English loecc, related to lacu ("lake" or "stream") describing where the creature lived.) Read more here.

It could also come from the German word Leiche, "a corpse," which survived in English compound words such as "lych-gate" (the entrance to a graveyard") or the town "Lichfield" (named after a large graveyard located there).

In New Age fantasy, Leitche is the German word for a lich, an undead, immortal human that was changed by black magic into an ageless, animated corpse, that is connected to the consciousness of the person it once was.


In the game, the leitche is an ally that breathes toxic gas.


The leitche is the fourth cryptid encountered in Weird World.

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