Vital statistics
Species Mapinguari
Habitat South American rain forests (Brazil more specifically)
First appearance Life in the Underground

The Mapinguari is a large yellow ape, or sloth-like creature. It made its first and only appearance in Life in the Underground.


It was living underground, hiding from Kur. This cryptid lives in South American rain forests, and is said to be a living descendant of the giant ground sloth. The old belief of the Mapinguari was that it had backwards feet and a mouth in its belly. The backwards feet could be signs of a dew-claw, or simply a misread track. The extra mouth is actually a pouch. This signals that it is actually a marsupial. Its diet is most likely vegetables, with some meats.



  • Mapinguari is a legendary cryptid said to resemble an ape-like creature with red fur living in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Bolivia.
  • The name is usually translated as “the roaring animal” or “the fetid beast”.[1]




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