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Vital statistics
Species Megalodon
Habitat Unknown
Type Shark
Affiliations Argost's Army
First appearance Van Rook's Apprentice (mentioned)

The Megalodon is an ancient species of shark three times larger than a great white.


We are sure the Megalodon existed at one time, but it is currently classified as extinct, although there are reports that is still swimming in our oceans. It was mentioned as a "Megatooth Shark" in Van Rook's Apprentice. Argost's cape is made from creature's bulletproof skin. These species have been currently located on the coasts of Florida. Nowadays you can only find their teeth and skulls because they don't have skeletons. Their bodies are held up mostly by cartilage, which rots away much faster than bone. Argost must have had a hard time skinning one! Megalodon is estimated 20m in length and can weigh more than 50 tons. Its bite force was 28 times that of Dunkleosteus! That's 18.2 tons!


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