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Meganeura gigante
Vital statistics
Species Meganeura
Habitat Texas
Type Dragonfly
Abilities Flight
Affiliations Argost's Army
First appearance War of the Cryptids

Meganeura is a large, dragonfly-like cryptid. It made its first and only appearance in War of the Cryptids.


The Meganeura is an extinct, giant cousin of the recent say dragonfly. It had a wingspan of 2.5 to 5 feet. Many sightings have been seen in the densest parts of South America. Scientists today say that Meganeura could be brought back from extinction due to the increase of oxygen in the air. Argost used the Meganeura as battling cryptids against Zak's army.



This cryptid has been seen in the states of Texas and California, U.S.A. Many say that these creatures have a peculiar path. They can travel in straight paths at extremely fast rates. They are also said to come in colors of red, black, and green. It is unknown what their origin is beyond 1990s.

The true identity of this cryptid cannot be identified due to its complicated design and similarity to many mythological cryptids. This creature could be identified as the Nifoloa due to its single, central tooth.


The extinct Meganeuras eat Petrolacosaurs when they take them to their nests, so it is possible the Living Meganeura has the same diet as the extinct one.


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