Miranda Grey
Miranda Grey
Voice Actor Susan Blakesle
First Appearance The Kur Stone:Part One
"I'm not sure what I like what we've all become."
―Miranda in War of the Cryptids

Dr. Miranda Grey is the sister of Abbey Grey, one of The Secret Scientists and friend of Drew Saturday and Doc Saturday. She made her first appearance in The Kur Stone:Part One. She is voiced by Susan Blakeslee.


Dr. Grey is stationed in a remote outpost in Antarctica where she performs particle acceleration experiments with her robot sidekick, Deadbolt. She was the keeper of a piece of the Kur Stone until it was stolen from her by Munya. Since she is a Secret Scientist, she was there when they broke into Weird World the first time, she was there with Arthur Beeman and the Saturdays to save Komodo in the Escape from Weird World Comic, and in Eterno she was in the meeting with other scientists. She reappears in Paris is Melting. She tries to stop the Saturdays with Agent Epsilon and Arthur when she thinks they are turning evil. It is mentioned that Abby is her sister. It is possible that she wants abbey back on the side of good considering the fact that Miranda is a secret scientist she may have to hurt, imprison, or even have to kill Abbey since she is a villain.

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In Kur:Part One, she is one of the scientists after Zak. In The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl, she and Deadbolt try again to capture Zak, but she is defeated. Later the Saturdays discover that she is going to be sacrificed to the Ahuizotl. Reluctantly, the Saturdays save her but leave her tied up until they leave.

In War of the Cryptids, she betrayed the secret scientists because she wasn't sure she liked what they had become. Not wanting to kill Zak, she destroyed the controls on Beeman's ship and she was last seen at Leonidas Van Rook's funeral.



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