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Mississauga Blob
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Vital statistics
Species Mississauga Blob
Affiliations Argost's Army
First appearance Once More the Nightmare Factory
Misisauga blob

War of the Cryptids.

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Mississauga Blob is ready to have Komodo for dinner.

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Drew, behind you!

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Mississauga Blob is hungry.

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He comes out of the capsule jar.

The Mississauga Blob was the name given to a flaming object—later identified as a Frisbee—that fell on a back-yard picnic table in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, at about 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 16th, 1979. It made its first appearance in Once More the Nightmare Factory.


Traven Matchett and his daughter Donna were in their backyard when the flaming object plummeted onto their picnic table. The object reportedly passed close to nineteen-year-old Donna's head. She extinguished the flames with a garden hose. The glowing, flaming object is said to have been "perfectly" cylindrical with flames about 18 inches high.

After cooling, the remains appeared to be a flat, dark green rock, 8 inches in diameter with a fibrous, "pock-marked" texture.

Traven Matchett contacted Toronto Pearson International Airport (then Toronto International Airport), a nearby Canadian Forces base, the University of Toronto and the Ontario Science Centre. Apparently, none of these contacts offered Mr. Matchett any explanation. He then contacted the Toronto Sun and a story was published on Sunday, June 27th, 1979, attracting worldwide attention.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment sent an inspector. Peel Regional Police questioned the family and neighbors and concluded the object was a "flaming Frisbee" thrown into their yard as a prank. Supposedly the blob can eat by swallowing any substance while the body's enzymes break it down as it enters. Also, the creature may not have any internal structures, such as a brain or heart. It is completely a creature sent on eating and thriving.



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