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The Muhuru is an ankylosaur-like cryptid seen in Kenya, Africa. The muhuru is mentioned is the second part of the dual comic: Attack of the Lake Monster/ Sibling Rivalry. When studying the footprint of a Nandi Bear, Drew suggested that the footprint could belong to the muhuru and that the cryptid could be responsible for scaring away the locals.


The muhuru is known for its unique armor-plating and intimidating club-like tail. Speculation over the identity of the cryptid has limited it down to a surviving stegosaurus or a surviving ankylosaurus. Both of these creatures were omnivores and unlike the popular Mokele-M'bembe, the muhuru is also known for its passive and somewhat gentle nature.

The ankylosaurs's earliest known fossils appear in China and can date back to the Cretaceous Period.


The muhuru is mentioned in the dual comic: Attack of the Lake Monster/ Sibling Rivalry.

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